AR Series

AR Series

AR Series


  •  Disinfection by direct irradiation

    With a wavelength between 200 and 300 nanometres, UVC rays are able to inactivate viruses, bacteria and protozoa, performing complete disinfection by direct irradiation of the material. This feature enables its widespread use as a highly effective, eco-friendly and chemical-free sanitising method.

  •  Moisture extractor

    Humidity and condensation promote the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, which is why all AR Series cabinets are equipped with an extraction fan that removes moisture and ensures excellent disinfection inside the chamber.

  •  Pull-out guides with hangers

    The pull-out guides with stainless steel hangers (hangars purchased separately) are ideal for handling gowns, clothes and/or cut-resistant aprons.

  •  Pull-out holders with hooks

    Pull-out holders with hooks allow for the rapid loading and unloading of CPCs and/or material hung up and subjected to treatment.

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