ARO Series

ARO Series

ARO Series


  •  Certified Disinfection

    The cycle quality certification system reports the complete treatment of all parameters such as time, dose and duration of exposure to O₃.

    The management software is designed by Velox Barchitta to allow integration with any corporate IT and ERP system, in compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

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  •  Configuration of Recipes

    The O₃ detection sensors allow you to set up to three recipes with different levels of chamber saturation (0.5 up to 9 PPM) depending on the pathogen you want to eliminate.

  •  Homogeneous Distribution

    The agitator with which they are equipped allows for the uniform distribution of ozone within the chamber, and the forced recirculation system catalyses the ozone through the activated carbon filter, which removes it completely from the chamber before the doors are enabled to open.

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  •  Operator safety

    The electromechanical key system on the doors prevents them from being opened by the operator until the ozone level inside the chamber is below regulatory safety limits.

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