BN Series

BN Series

BN Series


  •  Top, bottom and side washing and rinsing system

    The wash and rinse system is designed to remove dirt perfectly because it allows the water to impact even in hard-to-reach places.

    BN 29 C SOFPM 11
  •  Feed system with safety clutch

    The continuous belt feed system is protected by a safety clutch so as not to damage property or harm people.

    BN 29 C SOFPM 12
  •  Dual feed rate

    The dual feed rate allows you to slow down or speed up productivity according to your washing needs. By increasing or decreasing the contact time the material has with the water flow, different types of dirt can be treated. The High Speed function (optional) further increases the hourly productivity of the models.

    BN 29 C SOFPM 6
  •  Rinse optimiser

    Thanks to an electromagnetic sensor, rinsing is only activated when the material is in the vicinity of the nozzles. This technology further reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary consumption of water and energy.

    LCT 42 110 11K DX E 13
  •  Removable pipes

    Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the pipes are removable with a quick bayonet coupling and o-ring seal. This facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

    BN 29 C SOFPM 14
  •  Tilter

    The Tilter with which they can be equipped allows loading and unloading of the machine from one side only (right or left) so that only one operator is required during operations. It is always possible to lift the tilter so that the machine can also be used in line.


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