LCT M Series

LCT M Series

LCT M Series


  • Adaptable to any production facility

    LCT M Series tunnels are available in different shapes and sizes to perfectly fit any type of material (trays, crates, pallets and more). Their modularity allows you to add more washing or blowing sections depending on the degree of dirt you need to deal with or the degree of drying you want to achieve.

    LCT M 70 100 5
  • Top, bottom and side washing and rinsing system

    The wash and rinse system is designed to remove dirt perfectly because it allows the water to impact even in hard-to-reach places.

    LCT M 70 100 14
  • Feed system with safety clutch

    The continuous feed system is protected by a safety clutch so as not to damage property or harm people.

    LCT M 70 100 42
  • Rinse optimiser

    Thanks to an electromagnetic sensor, rinsing is only activated when the material is in the vicinity of the nozzles. This technology further reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary consumption of water and energy.

    LCT 42 110 11K DX E 13

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