BF 2000

Why Choose It

BF 2000 is the most powerful and versatile rotary base washing cabin on the market.
Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with double insulated walls to reduce noise pollution and energy consumption, it guarantees high load capacity, low costs and excellent results.
Versatile and functional, it is perfect for washing, disinfecting and drying trolleys, crates, trays, pallets, moulds and production equipment of all kinds.
Available in different sizes depending on the material to be washed, BF 2000 can also be configured with a double pass-through door for in-line entry and exit.
This model is fully controlled by PLC and HMI via a programme developed by Velox Barchitta to allow the management, control and verification of all machine-related functions and parameters, which are then transmitted to any quality control device.