LCT A 60 210 GR | The washing tunnel that regenerates moulds for cooked ham

LCT A 60 210 GR is the granular washing tunnel designed to treat and regenerate the moulds of cooked ham and bacon quickly and with the least use of water and energy.

Moulds Washer Velox Barchitta

We have tested and used in various sectors the granule washing is a system. PET (Polyethylene) granulate associated with water pressure increases the mechanical washing factor, acting as a kind of ‘sandblasting’, and can be used with exceptional results in two types of plant:


The LCT A 60 210 GR granules washing tunnel can handle from 200 to 400 moulds/h

Its cycle consists of the phases of:

  1. Granule washing
  2. High pressure washing
  3. Rinse 85 with thermal sanitization

The total opening of the front doors simplifies maintenance and cleaning operations.
Drawer filters allow the removal of dirt residues.
LCT A 60 210 GR is also equipped with an economizer Rinse, a system that further reduces consumption through the management of the activation of the rinse that takes place exclusively at the passage of the molds in the section.
The sliding and adjustable speed and its management is completely by PLC with integrated touch screen of complete alarm management program, parameter control and report.

LCT A 60 GR 4
LCT A 60 GR 6