Research & Development

Pionieri Tecnologici Velox Barchitta

Velox BarchittaWe are technological pioneers

We want to promote that change in production that leads to fully automated and interconnected processes. For this reason, Velox Barchitta machines are designed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards:

  • Control from PLC with simple and intuitive interface;
  • Interconnection to IT Systems;
  • Data Uploading and Remote Control;
  • Automated Integration with Logistics Systems;
  • Compliance with Safety, Health and Hygiene parameters;
  • Remote maintenance and remote diagnostics;
  • Sensors for monitoring parameters and conditions;
  • Adaptation to process drifts;

Management programme entirely designed, developed and managed by Velox Barchitta

controllo da plc

Control from PLC with simple and intuitive interface


Interconnection to IT systems

caricamento dati

Data Uploading and Remote Control

integrazione automatizzata

Automated Integration with Logistics Systems

tele manutenzione

Remote Maintenance and Remote Diagnostics

sensori monitoraggio

Sensors for monitoring parameters and conditions

certificazione ciclo

Certification of the cycle with control of Safety, Health and Hygiene parameters

adattivita derive

Adaptation to process drifts